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Next gen automation

Automate your usual Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter daily work at an advanced level. Unlimited options, unlimited posibilities. Let Klype be your assistant!

What is Klype?

Klype brings the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter automation to the next level.

At this point in today's society the social networks has the most influental power and is the secret key of the door behind any internet marketer's dream. It is no longer about funny images, it is now the secret of ranking, influencing, traffic growth and many, many more. But unfortunately to do so, you'll have to waste months, even years just to TRY your luck upon a single account with no guarantee of success, but a huge guarantee of wasting time, health, and potential. The more accounts, the lesser the potential of a healthy social profile/page. But those days are gone, Klype now gives you the opportunity to break that rule and let you automate multiple tasks on your behalf. Follow back your Instagram followers? Klype will do that! Make sure a photo of your cat is seen by million of people on Instagram and Facebook Groups? Klype will do that as well... so many options, so many possibilities. And that is just one module! ;)

The more accounts, the bigger the potential for a sucessfull profile/page.

Klype is a next gen automation software build upon multiple factors that is not found in any competition on the market at this vert moment, and this had to change. Klype is a very powerful software, but its power does not consist on as how many ripped off open source unoptimised and untested features exists, but rather for its authenticity and goals. Klype is aiming for just one thing and that is quality, not being the biggest software ever, not be the most popular one, just one goal and that is to work exactly as intended and please its customers! Nothing more, nothing else! It is easy to say music to an internet marketer's ears, but not so easy to actually sing it. Klype is a very light weight app, it won't require the whole ram on your PC just to display a box with some buttons, we care about interface, this is why Klype is stunning, but it is not about that, this is why we kept it plain, smooth and simple.


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Why Klype?

Grow your social accounts more than ever with Klype.

Low Cost

We're alawys looking forward making Klype the most affordable tool in the market in report with its quality.


No third party components, no hidden embedded browsers nor any slow limitations... Just pure light fast web requests.

Always In Growth

There are tons of services that are as twice as expensive or even more that does up to 90% less than what Klype does.

We Are In Control

Klype was made entirely by us started from scratch. Each code is ours thus our capabilities being limited by a third party is out of discution.

Easy interface

Klype is aiming to be as big as possible, but not in interface elements. We're always looking forawd making Klype's interface as friendly as possible to the user.

Rapid Growth

Grow your social profiles faster than you ever imagined. Klype operates for as long as it needs to ensure your online brand's success.

Get Klype

Pick the plan that interests you the most

Full Features

Klype brings the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter automation to the next level.
Social schedule
Automate your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts in the fastest, easiest and the best possibe way with Klype. With doezens and dozens of modules to choose from, you can achieve insanely results. You can also keep a track of the progress of the automation by the Klype always in expanding Analytics feature.
Target scheduling
With Klype it is you who set the rules that could lead to a converting audience. Klype is always looking forward giving you the opportunity to choose who has access or not on your circle.
Light, complex yet simple interface
Without being needed for all the RAM on the whole machine just to display an empty box with some text and buttons, Klype is optimized to consume as less as possible for as much as possible, in the best possible way. Deep down Klype is a heavy software, but on the surface we kept it simple with an easy workflow for a happy automation and a happy user. Allocating every resource there is to have a browser acting as an app is Chrome's job, not Klype's.
Grow your accounts
An account with a huge amount of fake nor inactive profiles is the equivalent of being the ricest man in the moon. With Klype you can grow your account in the healthiest possible way thus leading to a converting and active audience.
Post manager
Klype comes with a post manager that supports infinite amount of posts of any given platform to make the post scheduling management easier than ever. The post manager is a brand new feature and is always expanding and evolving upon your feedback.
Everything developed from scratch
These days there are dozens and dozens of services that uses modified open sources code, but different interface and price. Klype was fully developed from scratch over a time of three hard working years. By doing so it gives us the liberty of understanding the logic of our OWN code and rely fully on ourselves to fix bugs, and expand Klype with new content.
Advanced spintax support
Klype has an unique and unseen feature in the basic spintax support on the automation services you're used to. Rather than wasting lot of time thinking thoutfully for synonims to adjust your article's uniqueness upon automation, Klype has a feature called 'Synonimizer' that supports up to 6 languages that will automate synonimize and prepare your text for spintax. The curent supported languages are: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish
Light fast operations
With no hidden web browsers, Klype purly rely on the fastest method there is to perform automation server side requests and that is Web Requests. We don't rely on different processes, services nor third party anything that takes resources that could be allocated to Klype instead or could limit various automation tasks. Klype is all ours, that alone is enough!
Safe automation
There is no better way to automate tasks than having a software work for you on your own machine, be it vps or your own machine. Relying on web services means a potential danger of loosing your accounts, loosing private data and entrusting the service it trully does what it says.
Proxy support
Klype supports approximately all proxy types there is. Klype comes with a support for Socks Proxies both Socks4 and Socks5, and the default Http Proxies you're used to. Just because most of proxies will work, it doesn't mean all of them should be used! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest will react aggresively on low quality proxies, especially free ones. That alone is a red flag that will put your account in danger!
A motivated developer
We are no different than you, behind these features written here lies a person whose dream is to have a functional product that pleases everyone as it should. We cannot be happy if the users are not happy! But dreams will stay dreams without sweat, hard work and a helping pair of human hands. So let's do it... together!
Multiple social network support
Klype doesn't just stick to one social network, but instead it supports up to four platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We're looking forward to have as many networks as possible thus offering you more possibilities of realizing your goals and ideals on social growth. But the more doesn't always mean is better. We rely on our own power and will always go for quality, it might result on criticism, but that is for the better. We understand that quality takes time, Klype is not an exception!

And many, many more

Frequently Asked Questions

Klype runs on any machine with the Windows operation system and .Net Framework 4.5 installed. Other than that it depends on how many accounts and tasks you automate.
Unfortunately no. Klype was written around .NET Framework, therefore it requires Windows. The only way you can run it on your Mac system is to use a Virtual Machine.
We make things very easy for you. Just choose the subscription plan that interests you the most and press the Subscribe button. Once you've chosen the plan a Paddle pop up will appear in-page. Paddle is one of the easiest payment processor there is and this is exactly why we use it, it requires notheing else than your email address and your final paymen. Once the payment has been processed you will receive an automated mail within the period of 5 minutes with your new Klype credentials. Note: If you didn't recieve your Klype credentials within a period of two hours after you've subscribed, please contact us.
Yes. As for now it is still work in progress, but it should cover any kind of proxies.
No, no, and no. Klype does support nearly all kind of proxies, but that doesn't mean you have to use them. Use only high quality proxies from trustworthy services. A public proxy won't even pass the login operation anyway, and will most likely lock your account. Be careful and rely on the help on other marketers if you're confused on the matter.
We are very sorry to say no, you cannot. This might change in the future, but as for now it might be very insecure. But don't worry, we're looking to make Klype as big, fast, cheap and optimized as possible. Harming a computer just because it's an automated bot it's a pathetic excuse for developers.
No, Klype is a powerhouse that is 100% on your control. You will have to keep both the machine and Klype running. If you don't want to use your personal computer, we recommend using a VPS.
Yes. You can do this directly from Klype. Go to the profile tab and you'll see a button called Update. Once pressed a Paddle session link be generated and accessed through your default browser and the process should not differ than the time you have subscribed to Klype for the first time.
Yes and no. This is all depends if the network will let you sign in with the curent proxy/ip. It is recommended to use elder accounts, but if you insist please acknowledge the fact that nowadays the social networks will bite very hard new accounts even on ligh manual tasks. Please be careful and use very delayed activities.
There is no refund. All sales are final! Klype does what it says and it is not responsible for your failures by using it. You are only subjected for a refund if you cannot get Klype running in your machine within the first three days.